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Sunday Feb 16

posted Feb 15, 2014, 6:51 PM by Jay Campbell
Sunday should be a good day.  Wind direction, gradient, and temperature inversion will all line up for a solid day of wave flying.  And with little mid-day thermal activity, wave flights should be possible all day.

Due to anticipated frost, first launch is scheduled for 9:00 AM.

The inversion will drop down to as low as 7,000 MSL around 2:00 PM and it will be interesting to see if that strengthens or weakens the wave.

All Saturday pilots found wave, some choosing the secondary while others chose to hang on until reaching the primary.  Highest climb was to ~ 20,000 MSL with a smattering of newly-minted gold badges spread around the field.  Dinner tonight was full of talk about what a great day we all had.