• Cylinders must be "in test."  Generally, this means a cylinder will need to have a date no older than 3-14.  However, if the date on a steel cylinder is followed by a * then 3-09 would be the oldest allowed.  This date is stamped on the shoulder of the cylinder.  Most cylinders have more than one date stamped on it.  
  • Filling will be done at the END of each day, bottles may be left in the office at end of day and we will fill them and leave them for the next morning... 
  • The wave window opens on Tuesday morning, February 26 at 7:03 AM.   If you come to camp with an empty O2 cylinder, call Sarah 423-506-9015 to arrange a fill. 

Add two items to your pre-flight checklist

  • Open O2 cylinder valve & check contents gauge = full.
  • Confirm O2 flow to your mask/cannula