Be prepared for demanding t/o and landings at Shiflet

Do not make your first flight at wave camp the first of the year; moreover, please fly your ship on a really gusty day as sort of a warm-up for expected conditions.  And be sure that you have experimented with the benign-spiral characteristics of your ship.  
Please read some texts such as "Practical Wave Flying" by Bob Wander.

Before you Show Up

  • Check that your oxygen cylinder is “in test”, turn-around time at a test facility is often more than two weeks.
  • Check that you can see the contents gauge on your O2 cylinder, check operation and condition.
  • Put on all cold weather gear and sit in your cockpit with oxygen system, chute, pulse-oximeter, hat, gloves, back-up radio, etc... check that you can move the stick and rudder pedals.
  • Do not rely on a warm-weather relief system, it is probable that it will work one time or freeze-up prior to the first use; carry a bag or bottle.  
  • Have a computer onboard that has the wave window properly programmed for use during your wave flight, and know how to use it... 
  • Find 29.92 on your altimeter