132.625 is a busy place.  They speak pilot on this channel.  As glider pilots, we are accustomed to speaking English.  It is imperative that your communication with Atlanta is concise and of short duration.

Prior to ascending above 17,500, you must ask for clearance into the wave window.  Here is a possible script you may use:

Suggested conversation with Atlanta on 132.625

  • If you are climbing towards 17,500 MSL: "Atlanta Center, glider XX, seventeen-thousand-five-hundred request climb to FL210 (flight level two-one-zero) in wave window"
  • If still climbing at 20,500, the conversation could be: "Atlanta Center, glider XX request climb to FL250"
  • And as you descend out of class A: "Atlanta Center, glider XX has departed the wave window"

If after entering the wave window you lose radio contact with ATC, you must descend immediately and from the ground phone Atlanta to report the radio failure and the fact that you are down.  For this reason, a back-up radio (hand-held) is highly recommended.

Pilot Responsibility

  • A flight log must be turned in for each flight
  • Maximum authorized altitude is FL310
  • You must not climb past 17,500 MSL without approval from ATL Center
  • Upon entry into Class A, you must report same to ATL Center 
  • Upon leaving Class A, you must report same to ATL Center
  • If you have radio failure prior to contact with ATL Center, you may not fly above 17,000 MSL
  • Monitor 132.625 at all times while within the wave window