While at Shiflet Field

  • No cars on the runway.  Period.
  • Please be considerate, we are guests at this private airport
  • The office has restrooms, please use them. You would be surprised at how many homes have a clear view of the field and the surrounding woods. 
  • Shiflet is in a very low spot with poor drainage, there are many soft areas. Be careful how you treat the grass, the airport board has the authority to stop operations based on runway condition. 
  • Trailers MUST be tied down.  If you leave your glider assembled, it too must be tied down.  Winds in this area can be quite impressive.
  • Glider tie down areas will be soft when wet, on these days walk to your tie-down or trailer.
  • There will be a four-wheeler for ground-handling.  If a glider needs to clear the runway before the four-wheeler arrives to assist, the pilot must promptly exit his ship and get the wings parallel to the runway and the tail as far to either side of the runway as possible.
  • If you need a weak link, please bring your own.
  • When landing to the west, do not touch down in the first 600 feet of the runway (unless necessary).  This area is usually a bit boggy as in once you touch down, you won't go very far.