Fly in wave to FL260 (weather permitting) from Shiflet 9A9, a wide grass strip near the base of Mt. Mitchell, highest point east of the Mississippi.

Shiflet field is optimally situated for tows into primary, secondary and tertiary waves. Fly for fun or reach for that elusive eastern diamond or Lenny! Let someone know about the camp and how fun wave flying is, sometimes all it takes is an invite for someone to come.

Upon registration and payment, your spot is secure and materials and full info will be sent. 
Fees: $250. Includes all oxygen fills in your tank(s) and field use fees. Tows additional.

You may grid/launch in the order of your signing up, the pilot list is numbered for this purpose.

1. John Good
 9.  Caleb Branscome
2. Ed Bransford10. Click HERE to Register
3. Mark Olinger

4. John Mittell
5. Steve Vihlen
6. Marc Johnson
7. Ron Ridenour
8. Tim Moran

Pilots registered to fly in the Duo Discus with John Good. $50 registration fee. Instruction and tows additional.

1. Al Thomas
 7. Tom Steincamp
2. Katie Taylor
 8. Thomas Johnson
3. Eric Taylor
 9. Jeff Carneal
4. Theo Bountourelis
10. Charles Dutch
5. Cary Kennedy
11. Tod Herrli
6. Ted Freedman
12. Dick Husky